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continued from this post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. I’m not sure how to describe… Had a dream, I think, a week ago…heard sounds…I was in my room in my bed alone. Felt the cat in the crook of my knee become alert. I was dreaming sleeping but I heard sounds […]

The day I wore a burgundy bowling shirt and forest green pantaloons.

I Touched It!


continued from this post Sorry I haven’t updated you about this, but nothing had happened for the longest time. I guess all the attention I’d been giving it scared it off. It’s been so still, and considering what Denyse wrote in the last post, it’s not bothering me as much, so I took some closer […]

continued from this post Thanks for everyone’s advice! I can’t say I’m calmer about this ~ it’s still completely unexplained {no, there’s no one who could have the ability to get into my room or apartment to have done this. I just changed the locks recently, so it couldn’t have been the landlord or the […]

Hey guys, There’s this thing here that’s been going on in my apartment and I’m a little spooked by it. Need to know what you think I should do. I was cleaning the place about a month ago and came across a corner I’d apparently been neglecting for a number of months. There was a […]