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pan·e·gyr·ic n. 1. A formal eulogistic composition intended as a public compliment. 2. Elaborate praise or laudation; an encomium. [Latin panēgyricus, from Greek panēgurikos (logos), (speech) at a public assembly, panegyric, from panēguris, public assembly : pan-, pan- + aguris, assembly, marketplace.]



Flyting is a contest of insults, often conducted in verse. In Norse and Germanic cultures, flytings are used as either a prelude to battle or as a form of combat in their own right. The exchange is regular, if not ritualized, and the insults usually center on accusations of cowardice or sexual impropriety or perversion. […]



nu·mi·nous adj. 1. Of or relating to a numen; supernatural. 2. Filled with or characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence: a numinous place. 3. Spiritually elevated; sublime. [From Latin nūmen, nūmin-, numen.]



plo·sive adj. Of, relating to, or being a speech sound produced by complete closure of the oral passage and subsequent release accompanied by a burst of air, as in the sound (p) in pit or (d) in dog. n. A plosive speech sound.



fric·a·tive n. A consonant, such as f or s in English, produced by the forcing of breath through a constricted passage. Also called spirant. adj. Of, relating to, or being a fricative consonant. [New Latin fricātīvus, from Latin fricātus, past participle of fricāre, to rub.]



di·ur·nal adj. 1. Relating to or occurring in a 24-hour period; daily. 2. Occurring or active during the daytime rather than at night: diurnal animals. 3. Botany. Opening during daylight hours and closing at night. n. 1. A book containing all the offices for the daily canonical hours of prayer except matins. 2. Archaic. 1. […]



den·gue n. An acute, infectious tropical disease caused by an arbovirus transmitted by mosquitoes, and characterized by high fever, rash, headache, and severe muscle and joint pain. Also called breakbone fever, dandy fever; Also called dengue fever. [American Spanish, alteration (influenced by dengue, affectation) of Swahili -dinga.]