The 404 is a post-dada journal and network jointly founded by several contemporary dada groups in the US, Canada and the UK. Our common goal is evolution of perception via interactive, audiovisual, and textual communication.

Comments are encouraged. Registered users are also encouraged to post whatever material they wish (posts that could be considered illegal or unnecessarily offensive will be removed).

8 Responses to “About”

  1. can I illegally remove my underplants or is that a new claus to inconstitution?

  2. completely unacceptable behaviour. you will be escorted by the gardening department to the appropriate section of this establishment.

  3. Talking about claus – I think Santa Claus is illegal (particularly the idea of..)

  4. encouragement is paramount when discouraging also.

  5. 5 florez_alberto

    leave a reply

  6. Whose reply is who is?

  7. 7 huysmans

    In thinking about claus i am reminded of a time before dada, caca!

  8. 8 Carrolls Merriman

    great advice and sharing,I will buy one this good jeans for me .thanks

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