1. Relating to or occurring in a 24-hour period; daily.
2. Occurring or active during the daytime rather than at night: diurnal animals.
3. Botany. Opening during daylight hours and closing at night.


1. A book containing all the offices for the daily canonical hours of prayer except matins.
2. Archaic.
1. A diary or journal.
2. A daily newspaper.

[Middle English, from Late Latin diurnālis, from Latin diurnus, from diēs, day.]


2 Responses to “diurnal”

  1. this-here present hysteria. silent tap tap silent

  2. is then the new now?
    now is new, then the
    new is the (now then,
    now then) new. is the
    now the new then? is
    then new? the now is.

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