preparation is the key


3 Responses to “preparation is the key”

  1. no no no not keys why keys?

  2. keys open doors
    (enter on all fours)

    keys open locks
    (turn forward clocks)

    keys close behind
    (goodbye, never mind)

    keys close minds
    (they try, never find)

    prepare to meet your maker:
    tinker, tailor, rolex faker.

    the key to all you seek is here:
    this door, that door,
    which one is it you fear?

  3. 3 muted

    doors formalise those who crawl efficiently around the room in continuous circles.
    (identify suitable routes)

    locks frown at the former
    (appoint a coordinator)

    behind is ahead of new beginnings
    (organise a replacement)

    minds ruin earthliness
    (be aware that your child/children can be removed)

    an answer ruined is an answer found.
    the answer you have right now, that one, accept that one

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