from turba to turbo


“One no longer goes from the straight line to its parallels, in a lamellar or laminar flow, but from a curvilinear declination to the formation of spirals and vortices on an inclined plane: the greatest slop for the smallest angle. From turba to turbo: in other words from bands or packs of atoms to the great vortical organizations. The model is a vortical one; it operates in an open space throughout which thing-flows are distributed, rather than plotting out a closed space for linear and solid things. It is the difference between a smooth (vectorial, projective or topological) space and a striated (metric) space: in the first case “space is occupied without being counted”, while in the second case “space is counted in order to be occupied.””
– Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Nomadology


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