consciousness of language


“His own consciousness of language was ebbing from his brain and trickling into the very words themselves which set to band and disband themselves in wayward rhythms”
– James Joyce, A Portrait of The Artist As A Young Man


5 Responses to “consciousness of language”

  1. 1 muted

    it is all too well to hap-hazardly tame the senses, and ignore so much of what we see [that is purely symbolic]. housing the imperfected and parading everything else. is it really that clear to you?
    we’ll write these words then and burn the book.

  2. portrait or mask?
    locket or clasp?

    burning books leaves
    ash blowing literal.

    clear your mind:
    relax, unwind.

    clean the air:
    imperfect, unfair.

    mask or portrait?
    wayward or straight?

    turning looks believe
    blush follows lateral.

  3. 3 muted

    well educated or drifter, profilic or procrastinator?
    he smiles at the usual saner travelling folk among him, sneaking a wild-eyed grin every now and again hidden behind his train seat, fidgeting with ideas and dreams and thoughts of hopes crushed. is all lost when the artist cannot communicate?

  4. prolific drifter, travelling in dreams.
    the artist fidgeting behind saner hopes,
    education crushed by ideas of communication.

    hidden, he sneaks a grin at his trains of thought.
    is all lost when procrastination takes his seat.
    he smiles.

  5. 5 muted

    flush and folly.
    pride and poultry.

    in dreams and travelling,
    he hopes for his saner sanity,
    while ideals educate his crushed communication.

    grinning hidden trains think him sneaky.
    lost is that seat when in procrastination;
    smiles him silly.

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