4 Responses to “anonym”

  1. 1 muted

    looking back i see now –

  2. you were once half the man you never were

  3. 3 muted

    – and so now I jump into the void every once in a while

    what i expect to see now in the mirror is only more reflections
    on both our parts in due time of information
    and lonely taps neither will hear nor consider
    – only that which seems selfishly relevant and appropriate
    to our respective aims.

    The time we spend now will be wistfully smiled at
    at the appropriated times – read the register and see;
    it hangs beautifully next to that rainsoaked
    notebook of yours.

  4. it is the cold that shocks first,
    though their frozen smiles should have been a warning to dress appropriately.
    i carry mantras in my pockets,
    weighted words that shame and spoil.

    for a time their relevance is all:
    muting the glares of their tawdry lockets.
    and so beguiled are they by the pointed lines of pointless poetry
    that they forget they are dying of thirst.

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