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    giving control? the blanks, that is. yes, you thought right, you are thinking right.

  2. sang-froid: coolness of mind; calmness; composure. so, i happily give control to you, or at least the illusion of (blogs, ra ra ra)

  3. 3 muted

    the introduction of mindfulness? me = me, you = you. action = action. illusion of control could be said to be illusion of the choice of creation. creation could be said to be illusion and so there is no transference of control, simply co-existance within a illusion of a illusion. mental models of terms and logic either flourishing or stagnating. embracing this. productivity is found in disillusionment, if you see negative and positive in the same spectrum of production.

  4. embracing this, productivity is found in the introduction of a spectrum of mindfulness. you=action, action=me, me=you. illusion of the illusion within an illusion of an illusion. mentals models of control could be said to be the choice of co-existence, and so there is control. no choice could be said to be mental models of negative terms and positive logic in the same transference of creation. creation is disillusionment, either flourishing or stagnating.

  5. 5 muted

    its always a complicated task especially if you are easy and delightful. never a mere report, nor a presentation of your remarkable development in the past two centuries. should you assume that every writing is yet more thoughts on the good? consider whether simply solving an essay on savage philosophy. these notes are not intended to suggest lots of thought, careful planning, meticulous writing and rewriting. you might be guided by the following: teaching/learning, mistakes will never learn from them, the catastrophic universe, and manuscripts on the shelves here. how long does one take to review an art piece?

  6. how long does one take to review an art piece?
    who is the one?

    how long does one take to review an art piece?
    what is a review?

    how long does one take to review an art piece?
    how long is the art piece?

    how long does one take to review an art piece?
    why would one take do?


    these notes are not intended to suggest lots of thought.
    thought these notes are intended to suggest lots of not?

    carefully planned,
    rewritten to oblivion:
    oblivious to careful
    planning of rewrites.

    notes: these nots are intended to suggest lots of thought;
    not to suggest lots of these notes are intended thought.


    savage philosophy says cut this (one) short.


    on the should you:
    assume every writing is yet more thoughts.




  7. cutting this one short spares the whole charade; at least for now.
    you. a review doesnt always follow a submission, if the submission reviews itself? how short is a day? one takes the doing until at least it is done!
    my show of development is a developing instant. this one. not that one.
    my report: babel sees that piece that ended up in his inbox, he thinks twice before rejecting it?

  8. Submissions… submit. I wish. But in the absence of rejection assume the doing is still being done. How short is a day, indeed… shorter and shorter it seems. Soon the clock chime midnight and it will be yesterday.

  9. 9 muted

    the doing has just taken rather different, solemn forms. should there be great concern when submitting becomes the epitome of the act? or maybe the increasing shortness of day is simply the mind realising with progressively more experience its minute scale when compared against the incalculably vast space it inhabits. is it so necessary we find a truth that is true for us?

  10. Solemn as death. Who has time for fun when the world heats a beat at a time? Not wearing a watch means keeping better time… and yet the second that minutes turn to hours, I submit to the pendulum weighted fears of tomorrow’s undone tasks. submittere, to set under. I set under / I sit under / I set aside / I sit astride. And so the ride continues for another day.

  11. 11 muted

    grave was kierkegaard’s face as he removed his marigolds; for the tenth time that morning he sighed at the misfortune of it all – so who can water the timid housecat when chinatown calls for discovery? yes but bear in the mind time as we know it is only a non existing logical-seeming zeitgeist, another sign of the strange ways we try to speak the unspeakable. effectively put and not so too – simultaneously; wonderfully. continuing without pausing is only to tell yourself that you are. same goes for the opposite..

  12. we sighed as we faced kierkegaard’s grave for the tenth time and watered his marigolds; the misfortune of his housecat chinatown that called for discovery and removed all his water in mourning.

    this zeitgeist created for factory hours and division of labour, factory labour and division of hours, economic units of utility, schedules, plans, the teleological superstitions that we claim as rational self and societal progress. we earn, therefore we are. we learn, therefore we will be. we turn, therefore we are not what we were. is there an underclass living outside of our time? for us to own time is as ridiculous and sublime as time owning us, which it will do for as long we exist; taking time to smell the marigolds only when they shrivel above our coffins.

    paradox surrounds the unspeakables that can only be discussed through words, despite our completely natural and (w)hol(e)istic understanding of the same. simultaneous poetry continuously surrounds us and forces us to drown it out with the sounds of another’s silence. we pause for our opposites, continuing to tell ourselves that we are not them, we are not, yet we are.

    we lied as we placed kierkegaard’s grave for the tenth time and removed his marigolds; had he been german, he would have called it zwiespaeltigkeit, but the misfortune of his discovery wilted by the morning.

  13. 13 muted

    facing this stone monument we laughed together at the thought of that time with the marigolds, weren’t those the days we cherish the most now? Though peppered with misfortunes such as dear chinatown’s tragic demise – his strange and wonderful last discovery accounted for our own.

    and the rational self as a whole will only ever be claimed by those who enforce the rational in their own small, convenient ways. the truth of many is not a thought-of truth so much as a demurely accepted truth. am i now contented by thinking or thoughtful by contentment? what can become of us if we only prepare after the happening has happened? personifying time is as fruitless as personifying life. as a clown is to the earth, time as we have created it gives the distinct impression we are going somewhere, that there is something after the previous. is there?

    unspeakables surround the words which are spoken only in paradoxes, as understandings build upon understandings can we claim all we know to be entirely truthfully proven? are opposites really opposites if they can greet each other towards the ends of a horseshoe? we pause only to convince ourselves that the great falseness is in fact true.

    eventhough we felt wretched to the bone, the marigold’s honest being seemed to comfort us, if not at least persuade us to forget this untimely happening.

    Just as the condemned is only so because of the thought, kierkegaard, as we all [the thinkers], will fall thus also. he wasted his time smiling at those who didn’t.

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