TymeCast #2




6 Responses to “TymeCast #2”

  1. This is great, well worth a listen (possibly in the privacy of your own home/headphones)

  2. Thank you. I have had similar comments – if only podcast listing sites would list my podcast more people might enjoy my insanity but I submit and they ignore. what gives???

  3. why don’t they? any reasons given?

  4. I sent a letter to idiotvox asking about a time line and general questions about denial but they have not responded to me …. and its still not listed on either http://www.podcast.net or http://www.idiotvox.com

    well that’s nothing new – my status in the artworld is “he does great work but I want nothing to do with him”

    ho hum goodthing I make art for myself. If I did it for other people I would be seriously depressed.

  5. I did send a letter to idiotvox but they have not responded. Its been a more then a week with them and over a month with podcast.net and my podcast isn’t listed on either site.

    maybe I am too hip for the room.

  6. hmm. 391 only gets listed through its old ourmedia site, but doesn’t appear through anything useful like ‘dada’ (and I KNOW I put that in the tags)

    I guess try try try again…

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