8 Responses to “opticallusion”

  1. alluding to hallucinations/apperitions

  2. eluding the ears

  3. 3 babel

    earluding to appearitions

  4. How come I’m the only dork with my picture showing up in the ‘recent comments’ column on the right, there? I’m ean reel ie…

  5. eating juicy bosic apPEARitions while listening to the ghostly music of earluding von beethoven…

    dork number 2 reporting for duty!

  6. 6 babel

    i’ve been wondering that for ages… apparently we’re ugly!

  7. 7 apple

    Likely excuse.

  8. elusive excuses alluding to optical delusives 🙂

    Hey! I tried to get my photo uploaded, but apperently the member “Crescent” doesn’t exist !! 😐


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