The Never Ending Ticker Tapeworm: pt6


 I’ll be with you in minute; I am with babies!
(the door slams indignantly)

MRS = Micro Repelant Spray
Ralph Snark was not so smart he disappeared in his underwear.
I answer the questions from others answering the questions I ask.
Michael Knight never changes clothes and his car sasses him.
I must compartmentalize or else all the joints will be amiss.
GX fx MAGNUM otto ME ME ME who else would leave work at 2pm.
I jump rings of coffee stains into the land of java, duty free.
Yule Brenner has no career, no home, no income and no hair.
RSS = Resulting Sausage (used in) Scrapple Furniture
My income in not equal to my ultimate outcome why is that?
Al Jaffee yeech. yeech. yeech. yeech. yeech. yeech. Al Jaffee yeech!
In Out / Out In these are the points in which gaudy ornaments breed.
Rude radios roll right by rooms ringing regularly with riots.


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