back before popular demand


A derranged beauty is the best kind of attraction.
when can I unearth my television in order to watch dust.
a telephone is really an interdimensional egg beater to the brain.
the duster full of mustard gas drove him quite insane.
to be witty is wonderful, yet to blather on is quarantine.
speak now or forever whole your bath soap between your…
purple knees are in my brain; pound them purple knees.
the whimsical icebox is NOT dead its only resting.
areoplanes fly through celophane just because its there.
why must everything be cast in the flavor of night shade.
monkey see monkey do – monkey wretch is only $12.99
mummble mummble mummble you know what I mean.
my ribbon of dna is being smashed by metal letters on a pivot
someone has touched me inappropriately, I think it was myself.
over the hill and through the woods just to escape zero monstel.
merry christmas have a pen or a envelope opener, your choice.
where is detroit -is that anywhere near vlaxtus 17.a1/3bb.616-1
there is much one can’t do with a rotten brown watermelon.
out in the wood shed there is on wood only pressboard and glue.
I shed my clothes like a snake then make tea and sandwiches.
up in the ayre are clods that drop things like grain on our beds.
why can’t arnold be more like arnold after the traffic circle.


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