Main Entry:  Ba·bel 
Pronunciation: \ˈbā-bəl, ˈba-\
Function:  noun
Etymology:  Middle English, from Hebrew Bābhel, from Akkadian bāb-ilu  gate of god
Date: 14th century

0: a bloke I am trying to get in touch with who seems to be ignoring me. I’ve sent several emails and its been almost a three weeks and no word.  Some were very pretty case sensitive elctronic mail.

1: a city in Shinar where the building of a tower is held in Genesis to have been halted by the confusion of tongues2often not capitalized a: a confusion of sounds or voices b: a scene of noise or confusion


7 Responses to “Ba·bel”

  1. 1 babel

    0. I am he. eh mai?

  2. and I am the fella thats been emailing you. I think four times now. Is there no reply? or ARE you ignoring me.

  3. 3 babel

    er no. the above babel is not he whom you seek. er ist ein impostor. i be the real ‘un. when i get email back you’ll be the first to know… promise.

  4. 4 babel

    Alas. I am not he. A la Siam no the.

  5. Ok, well, I’ll always be around, so see you somewhere someday. Been nice working with you…

  6. I apologize, my foot was itching

  7. No fighting girls. :O

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