“In various ways, the lie has become the standard currency of culture. The cruel truth is that we have lost the right to choose when we want to be disbelieved.”
– Mark Lawson, The Guardian 3/4/97


6 Responses to “liar”

  1. don’ t get personal

  2. 2 the404

    tellin it like it is 😉

  3. Very perceptive, by the man who lost his beard. Why doesn’t he do Newsnight Review any more?? Mind you Kirsty’s a lot prettier 🙂


  4. I can’t lie. It’s true…I can’t. No really. I’ve been trying because everyone I know lie like dogs! They don’t even know they’re making stuff some of the time. I certainly don’t.

  5. I have devised a way of lieing with the truth but as a rule a prefer NOT to lie because more trouble comes from lieing then telling the truth.

    Also agreeing to moochers requests – makes one flee the office. Incidently I sort of lied today because its is my nature to be kind and helpful but I feel backed into a corner when I am taken advantage of … dang me. – from the journal of justynn tyme, sorry.

  6. I lie to the eyes are truths stare
    returning glances a Helios, (consicely and antiquated modern(
    recherche moi!
    us lee con shush

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