Blue from the Moon


continued from this post

I’ve been meaning to write for a while now.

I’m not sure how to describe…

Had a dream, I think, a week ago…heard sounds…I was in my room in my bed alone. Felt the cat in the crook of my knee become alert. I was dreaming sleeping but I heard sounds of something moving in the room…a scratching of an object sliding on sand or gravel crawling through the plaster wall. I had an image in my mind of copper wire…I think…twisting and twirling up into little lengths of worms.

I think it was still a dream when I opened my eyes and saw my window with the moon staring back at me making me blue.

I heard the noises still and louder as if opening my eyes had let more sound into my ears.

I listened without moving for a while. There were small shadows moving across the floor from that special corner of the room. I saw them for a second before I had to close my eyes again to see the wire undulating and wriggling.

Last night, I dreamed again of the wire and the noises, and again I opened my eyes. I dreamt that I saw my cat perched at the end of my bed. She was not my cat. Her body was silhouetted against a glowing light coming from the corner of the room, this time not washed out by the moon, and casting a warm softness on everything. I sat up to see it more clearly. It seemed as if something was moving from behind the radiator casting shadows across the wood of the floor and the cloth on my bed.

Someone’s camera was there. I took a picture. I watched it more for a while, soothed by it and finally closed my eyes again.

Corner Light


2 Responses to “Blue from the Moon”

  1. 1 denyse

    um..mice? with..flashlights?

    ( i like your curtain tiebacks)

  2. The rats of NIMH…live in my walls…

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