the forty trillionth bit of pi


7 Responses to “the forty trillionth bit of pi”

  1. 2 mathmo

    In the first 1000 bits ’98’ occurs at positions 80, 100, 501, 549, 732, 767, 902 and 998 (counting from the first digit after the decimal point)

  2. 3 mathmo

    And yes, it’s HUGELY important to know these things. Many’s the time I’ve been out shopping and needed to know the 1,334,239th bit of pi.

  3. the size of yer pie depends on the look in yer eye!

  4. mmmmmmm square root pi – cut me off a 3.14159 slice of that geometric ratio. I’m off to Euclidean by way of a geometry airlines. But hey it’s all greek to me

  5. four and twenty blackbirds baked. yum.

  6. pi is like pry, nonetheless spying eyes ip

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