Strategy [ir2] inilihi


For me art has been about originality and ingenuity; If not in the world of art, then for myself. Sure, quite possibly everything has been done but not by me so there for art is not dead, for me. This I believe, is the same for a lot of people. 

I do not have any classic music abilities. I had guitar lessons and recorded lessons in elementary school but now that I have a both instruments I don’t remember anything.

I enjoy taking things like milk bottles, paper bags and frozen pea and making a soundscape. It always amazes me that I can create what I do but then again I approach art esp. “music” like an architect and mathematician finding the patterns or creating the patterns humans find in everything.

How about you?


4 Responses to “Strategy [ir2] inilihi”

  1. Everything has been done?? What is everything?!?

    Ha ha lol

  2. everything has not been done… but it’s a good excuse 😉

  3. Now see, why is that when classic droopy drawers says everything has been done and art is dead with confidence very little stirs. But I reiterate that sentiment with a doubt suddenly I am droopy drawers. What gives here…

    that wasn’t my point for… oh the hell with it.

  4. they say ‘everything has been done’
    (with confidence) ‘art is dead!’

    very little stirs

    they say ‘very little stirs’
    (and no sense) ‘in my head!’

    everything has been
    and gone

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