cicatrisation (of the event)


“You fight against the cicatrisation of the event, against its categorisation as “childishness”, to preserve initiation. This is the fight fought by writing against bureaucratic Newspeak. Newspeak has to tarnish the wonder that (something) is happening. The same thing is at stake for the guerilla of love against the code of feelings: to save the instant from what is customary or understood”
– Jean Francois Lyotard, The Postmodern Explained to Children


4 Responses to “cicatrisation (of the event)”

  1. He got clever kid!! lol

  2. You battle against the

    cicatrise >>> batt.e
    physical phenom

    sickly child yeesh

    ceremony reserve;

    useless “work” vs officialdom

    manufacture has to discolouration the response that (thing) is event.

    The selfsame happening at lay on the line for the guerrilla against the tag of somatesthesia: to hold on the clamant from what is usual or inexplicit

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  4. 4 babel

    hush hush, whisper in the plapson

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