I Touched It!


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Sorry I haven’t updated you about this, but nothing had happened for the longest time. I guess all the attention I’d been giving it scared it off.

It’s been so still, and considering what Denyse wrote in the last post, it’s not bothering me as much, so I took some closer shots of the weird item on the little set of drawers. I borrowed a friend’s camera, so I got a better shot, although this time I was able to get really close to it. You still can’t really make out that there’s an insect embedded in some kind of clear resin, but you can certainly better see the drawing behind it.

Corner Bug Thing

While I was doing that, I got really brave {or my curiosity got the better of me} and I opened some of the drawers! It felt a little like I was invading someone’s privacy, but I couldn’t help myself.  They all contain these little worm-like shapes of twisted wire, just like the wire that’s been hanging out of the bottom drawer this whole time. I pulled one out and fiddled with it a little. So strange ~ I’ve got no idea what it could be for. There’s nothing unusual about what it’s made out of ~ it’s just copper wire ~ but how odd that it’s been twisted into these shapes and placed in these little cubbies…

Wire in Drawers

I also took some pictures of the other items that are laid out there. I’ll post them later on ~ I have to go through all the shots.

I’m definitely going to leave it there. There’s something whimsical and quiet about it that I like. Whenever I’m observing it closely, I get very introspective and dreamy. I like how it feels ~ it’s like I get lost in a fantasy world. It reminds me of my childhood.

Any more thoughts?


7 Responses to “I Touched It!”

  1. 1 denyse

    ok, the bug thing is just gross. maybe you’re just lucky and the universe is building you a very sam appropriate sculpture. maybe you should build it something in return.

    p.s. i was sitting on the couch the other day and a light on my bookcase turned itself on, brightened through all of the dimmer settings twice before stopping at about 1/2 maximum brightness. i have to admit, i was a little freaked out, but i didn’t run screaming, i just turned it off.

  2. I’ve been so dreamy and lost lately… It’s been growing, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet.

  3. Lost my camera phone…I think. Did I leave it behind the TV? So many strange dreams of copper and light.

  4. Be careful. I don’t trust that resinated insect.

  5. I just added a new post about this.

    Go here to see.

  1. 1 Things have moved... « The 404

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