Things have moved…


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Thanks for everyone’s advice! I can’t say I’m calmer about this ~ it’s still completely unexplained {no, there’s no one who could have the ability to get into my room or apartment to have done this. I just changed the locks recently, so it couldn’t have been the landlord or the super}. I feel as though I’ve been invaded.

There are some new things in the corner there, so something’s been going on when I’m not around. The cats have taken a strong interest in sniffing around there lately as well. That ceramic jug is apparently part of a set because there are a whole bunch of little cups and the like in a pile on the floor now. I got a decent picture of that, I think, with my crappy camera phone {I’ll have to borrow someone’s camera and get better shots}.

Speaking of cameras, I thought about setting up a webcam that I could monitor from work. Is that something that’s easy to do? I assume I could find a cheap camera for my mac and hook it up in some way where the cats won’t knock the whole set~up over…

Robert, I sprinkled flour on the floor this morning to see what I find this evening when I get home from work. I’m sure there will be paw prints, but maybe something else…some clues of some kind.

I took more photos prior to putting the flour down:

See on the left the ceramic saucer, cup and jug?
New Ceramic Objects Piled Up In The Corner

Here’s an overhead view of the drawers. I really want to know what the hell that is on the top in the corner:
Overhead View of Drawers

Here’s a close-up picture of it, although it’s hard to see. I really need to borrow someone’s camera. It looks like a bug embedded in some clear substance with an old-fashioned drawing of a man. There’s what looks like a velvetty material framing it.
Closeup of Weird Thing On Drawers

I came so close to touching it when I took these photos! I almost panicked…I got so close while I was trying to get this last shot.

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10 Responses to “Things have moved…”

  1. 1 Jennifer (Lake)

    Whoa ~ weird stuff, Sam… I’m VERY interested in finding out what is behind this! I love this kind of creepy stuff! Keep me posted! ; )

  2. Yeah, it’s scary, but I’m so curious…

  3. 3 Connie

    Hey Sam I wish I had some advice, there are new thing there? Do you think that someone is just trying to have a little “fun” with you? I hope not because seriously you are waaaay braver than me! I hope you get this figured out soon! Good Luck!!


  4. From Adriana:


    First I have to say “that’s fascinating”…I have a camera with a pretty good zoom…maybe we should explore it one day. As I study more and more energy and psychic fenomena, the more I know that strange things do happen all around us, but as to moving physical objects…fascinating. Keep me posted on how things progress.


  5. That devil bug man stain image really creeps me out, frankly. I think it comes to life in the night.

    You could definitely use a webcam – they have motion detection software as standard these days, so it would automatically record any goings-on, rather than you having to sit there watching 🙂

  6. 6 denyse

    ok, here’s my input:

    i guess i’m a flake, but my house was haunted by the old lady that used to live there. all of my neighbors kept asking if i’d seen miss helen yet, and i didn’t know what they meant. i found out within a few months of moving in that miss helen was my invisible roommate. she’d turn lights on and off, in front of me and others and she scared my neighbor so badly, he refused to come back to my house. but her FAVORITE trick was to move stuff, hide stuff, return items that had been missing for years, some of which had never even made the move to the state with me, much less to the house with me,and there they were, in the middle of the bed or sitting in the driveway. a cd that was part of a box set and i had hunted high and low for for years turned up in its case. a book i was reading would go missing for weeks and turn up on the floor right next to my bed. this stuff happened constantly. in spite of all of this, i wasn’t really scared…she never hurt me or appeared to me, and considering all of the lost stuff i had returned to me, it was kind of nice to have her around. it was like having a nice elderly friend keping an eye on me. i’ve since moved, and none of these things happen any more.

    my point is that the stuff in your corner looks like a child’s toys. if this is paranormal, it’s probably just a lonely child that’s come to visit. maybe it is bringing you presents like helen brought me. if it hasn’t disturbed you or any of your things, there’s probably nothing to be freaked out by, right? tell the kid that it can stay, but it needs to keep its things in the corner. personally, i wouldn’t video tape it…i never tried to catch helen because i was afraid i actually would. do you REALLY want to see it?

    if it isn’t paranormal, then it’s probably just a joke, and that isn’t freaky either.

  7. Denyse, you have a point. I don’t think I’d be able to hide a webcam very well, anyway, and I’m thinking that I don’t want to scare this thing. I don’t know why, but I don’t think it’s threatening ~ it’s just unfamiliar. I’ll think about letting it remain undisturbed, but I’m so curious!

    Your ghost story is quite beautiful, I think. Do you have any pictures?

    Robert: no prints in the flour save for a cat paw print in the corner.

    No changes since these pictures went up here at all, actually. It’s been pretty quiet, although my sleep has been disturbed a few times during the night. I usually sleep very soundly, so I’m not sure what that’s about. I didn’t think my sleep issues were related, but now I’m starting to doubt. I’ve been pretty uncomfortable with this, so the stress might be making it hard for me to get decent rest…

    I’ll let everyone know if I learn anything more.

  8. 8 denyse

    nope, i never thought to take pictures, but i have several witnesses. one thing that i forgot to mention was that i think it was going on for a long time before it registered in my mind what was going on. your mind rationalizes things amazingly well. i’d turn off the light and come back in the room and the light was back on and i’d think “hmmm, i thought i turned that light off.” or i’d find a videotape in the bathroom and think “i must have absentmindedly picked this up off the shelf and brought this in here.” it wasn’t until the lights were going on and off in front of my face and my neighbor was fleeing the house in terror that i started to think i had a visitor.

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