Need some advice here…


Hey guys,

There’s this thing here that’s been going on in my apartment and I’m a little spooked by it. Need to know what you think I should do.

I was cleaning the place about a month ago and came across a corner I’d apparently been neglecting for a number of months. There was a TON of dust and cat hair…there was what looked like half a cockroach sitting there. I didn’t think anything of it, but there was also a little object ~ what looked like a ceramic jug, white with blue flowers on it. I was just finishing up and late for something, so I didn’t think too much of it. Just assumed the cat found it somewhere and padded it into the corner.

I had forgotten about it entirely until yesterday when I was cleaning again. I’ve got NO IDEA where all these things came from. I’m afraid to touch it and was barely able to take these photos with my phone. You guys all know I don’t live with anyone and rarely have guests over…the landlord doesn’t have a key to my apartment because I changed the locks last year.

What do you think it is???!!!



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19 Responses to “Need some advice here…”

  1. Well it depends, I see a jewlery box and old photographs, a small tray and the little jug. Is all that stuff unfamiliar to you or just the little jug?

    My first thought, bar any supernormal activities is that maybe someone from your family or friends snuck it in there as a lark. Then you didn’t discover it anytime soon so it went forgotten.

    Then again I have heard such things as cats and rats and some mice like to collect things, usually shiney things they find, which they usually pile up somewhere.

    Then again maybe its a rift between centuries…

    I might say ghosts but ghosts only move whats already there. Since they are memories from the past and lack corporeal form they don’t bring things, physcial things with them.

    Looks like a shrine of somekind.
    Hope this was helpful
    fear not. – j

  2. What should I do with it? Leave it be? I have to admit…I’m a little curious. But this is in my home…
    None of it is familiar to me. I’ve never seen these objects before. The little jug that’s sitting on the set of drawers was just on the floor a month ago.

  3. well as I see, again, there is number of things you could do…

    I am sure you have a camcorder; leave something new and do a little i-spy… (that is if answers to mysteries interests you) [or]

    you make similar (fantastic) sculptures: comemorate this supernormal event and glue it (or however) all together as is. [ or]

    just leave it and consider it the nth wonder of the world. Take a photo-diary of it maybe. [or}

    you could cut away the entire corner of the wall and floor and mail it to me and I could do a psuedo-study of it with drawings, notes and guest analyists. The first piece in the dada yow physical museum.

    just a few ideas to round out the evening. Keep me updated I am very curious about what will happen.

  4. My friend Steve sent me this:
    Your friends are playing with you! which one is most likely to have doll house furniture? It is the right size to be dollhouse furniture, and those are typical items… I’d say remove it and put a hidden camera on it!

    Maybe I should figure out how to do this…get a camera up…

    This from Meagan:
    I’m sorry, but that would freak me out. I kind of lean towards the paranormal explanation. I agree with the videotaping suggestion. Highly doubt it’s an animal. They don’t stack things.

  5. I’ve seen a hamster stack things…I have.

  6. 6 michael

    Obviously it isn’t something paranormal, since that shit doesn’t happen, and don’t listen to any fruitcake who says they do.

    You can try the camera if it makes you feel better. I don’t know how you would set up a security type camera on the cheap, but using your camcorder would be pointless since they usually only run for 60-70 minutes unless you change the tape or hook up some sort of motion sensor. (= more of a pain in the ass than its worth.)

    If it is a friend, it is necessary to beat them all now until they talk. If they don’t, continue beating them anyway. In the end, it will be good therapy for someone who obviously is upset and thinks her house may be fucking haunted.

    I would suggest you ignore it, and let your cat continue his/her neurotic instinct. If you don’t like that, then clean the shit up and polish your corner. If it comes back, draw a pentagram with your own blood and light a candle and move the fuck out.

  7. Is it employable? It could make you some money! Since you discovered it you should have a 65% slice of its earnings. If not put it on the dole queue and you could take a slice of 50 pound a week. Hey! Decent for something coming out of nothing 🙂 Also housing benefit may be applicable if it wishes to stay in your abode. If it sings, enter it for Pop Idol (prob sing better than Simon Cowell) or fry it up with some mange-tout and halibut liver and you have a meal fit for a squatted pottery thing

  8. This in from Mike:
    Can you explain a couple of things for me?

    First, you said you found the ceramic piece first, did you mean you found it somewhere else or in a different position and then it moved to where it is in the photos now? And when you took the photo, had you touched any of these things yet?

    Yes, I found it in a different position, carelessly on its side in the dirt. I haven’t touched anything yet. I’m a little freaked.

    Second, and most important, is this a corner you have never looked in or cleaned before? If so, I guess the answer is obviously that it was a collection from someone who used to live there at some point. Otherwise, if you have looked or cleaned there before and haven’t ever seen anything, is it possible someone with a unique poetic sense of dark humor is just fucking with you?

    I suppose I haven’t really looked there before. I just moved here a few months ago. I thought I had been pretty thorough about cleaning, but maybe not.

    I dunno. My wife traci thinks this is weird. I think you just have an extremely small apartment with alot of big plumbing.
    Welcome to Brooklyn. At least it’s not Brazil. “How are your DUCTS?”

    (she wants to know if you took anything out yet and examined it. Don’t be afraid… TOUCH IT. TOUCH the weird things…. Touch themmmmm…. Tttttooooouuuuuccchhhh tttthhhhheeeeeeemmmmmm…….

  9. emblem?

  10. i’m pretty certain that fate has placed this in your path in order to be used in one of your sculptures.

    but you might want to take it to the exorcist, just in case.

  11. I might try to set up a webcam and monitor it from work during the day. That should be simple providing that the cats don’t step on anything. I’m not quite sure when I’ll find the time to do this.

    Mike, your wife has me really curious now. I really want to touch all those little things. I feel a little like a child looking at new toys. What are in those little drawers?

  12. “Don’t touch it… it’s eeeevoooollll.”

    I can relate to your emotional reaction. During college, I had been living in the same apartment for about 2 years. Then one day I dropped something behind a shelf in my cupboard area. My water heater was located in the same area. I happened to glance around the water heater and noticed a gun. My body went cold. My first reaction was of being violated. Someone had been in my apartment and stashed a gun in my cupboard! Then I slowly came to my senses, realizing that it was quite possible that I had just not noticed it before. But still… a gun was in my apartment. So I peeked closer to get a good look, but refused to touch it. My mind wandered about it being used in some sort of criminal activity and not wanting to disturb any finger prints. I called the local police and they immediately sent a couple of officers over to investigate. They pulled out the gun and started laughing. Apparently it was a metal BB handgun. Looked and felt like the real thing to me. (Note, this was pre-Columbine when guns weren’t required to have some distinguishing “toy” mark). Plus, I’ve never had any interest in being around guns. The cops said the holster it was in was more valuable than the gun. And they confiscated everything. So basically, the lesson I learned that I will pass on to you is never call the cops because they take away your toys.

    Another bit of advice would be to sprinkle some flour around the area. If the flour is disturbed, you might have a better idea of what you are dealing with. (Though I suspect the Blue People are expert artisans at covering their own tracks).

  13. As are the Giant Pillsbury Doughboys (a bit like the Ghostbusters MMM, but a whole pack of em, and in your house)

  14. 14 Stev

    Although after I thought it over, the camera may not be a good idea. Do you really want to know if you stack small things in the corner in your sleep? Maybe you should just add to it and observe at random moments

  15. ooh! This is scary someone edited my comment. very ghostly!!!! (messy, strange, ffo end

  16. I put up more pictures. There are more things in the corner now.

    Click here.

  17. 17 amy

    I can attest to the fact that rodents stack, so you may wantt o start by checking for any holes in the apartment, although those drawers are pretty big. You can also burn some sage in the corner or in your whole apartment in case it is something “other-worldly”. Smudging is a way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences. Hope this helps.

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