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Moopocalypse 11


Where does a cow go on vacation? Cowifornia.

Who is out there? When will it start? Does anyone know? That it’s dalikrab day? Some have been waiting. Other have no inkling. A few won’t care? That it’s dalikrab day? I’ve stolen a lobster from the store And dropped it in the ocean Does a rubber lobster experience freedom On DaliKrab Day?

Dalikrab Day!


IT’S DALIKRAB DAY! “What Is Dalikrab Day?” How It Works: Creat a piece, any piece about crabs or not, use the emails above to mail that piece out to others. They will in turn manipulate, add, cut, change or somehow alter said piece and mail it back to everyone. Then start on another piece and […]



n. 1. A large clasp knife. 2. Sports. A dive in the pike position, in which the diver straightens out to enter the water hands first. v., -knifed, -knif·ing, -knifes. 1. To fold or double (something or oneself) like a jackknife. 2. To cut or stab with a jackknife. v.intr. 1. To bend or […]

bovine gardens (let it soak in for a minute then you’ll realized the quip stinks) that’s cud its a lot a pun

there ya go – problem solved