I Love You


Ghostly Valentine

While in the supermarket trying to decide what to buy for dinner, she heard a thin voice coming from what she thought might have been somewhere between the brocolli and the cucumbers. It said it twice: I Love You. She wasn’t sure if the voice was speaking to her or someone else.

While having sex with yet another guy, the phone rang. When the answering machine picked up the call, she realized too late that the volume on the machine was up unusually high. The voice that came on was unsure of himself, but managed finally to say I Love You. The caller never said his name. Two minutes after the caller hung up, she realized who it was and she came.

The cat crawled onto the bed and up to his face. First she sniffed a little, then she put her paw gently onto his brow. She then proceded to stare at him for a full 30 seconds without blinking. She tried making some quiet huffing sounds. She jumped off the bed and back on four times making sure to walk onto his leg each time. When she realized he wasn’t going to wake up, she curled up in the nook of his neck and sighed. He woke up then.

The club was overpacked. The girl with a crush kept getting pushed by people no matter where she stood, no matter how friendly or no matter how mean she made her demeanor. Her drink was spilled three times; it was weak, anyway. Just when she’d become too angry to even pretend to enjoy herself and had decided to leave, the girl she’d been waiting for, the girl who had invited her here, the girl she wanted badly, came into view about five feet away through the crowd. She was with another girl. The girl with the crush could see her friend mouth the words I Love You sweetly to the other girl in the loud room with the chaos and anger. The other reacted with a wide smile. The girl with the crush broke in two.

They’d been friends for years. People always assumed that they were a couple because of how well they argued. When he started making passes and she wasn’t attracted to their nature, he stopped talking to her. She wanted to tell him I Love You, but felt too insulted on one hand and on the other was worried she’d lead him on. They never spoke again.

He woke up on a grassy hill in the warm sun. He had lost all his clothing. When he stood up and looked around he could see his clothes strewn around at the bottom of the other side of the hill he was on. He could also see that a five minute walk would take him into a small town. He gathered and put on his clothing. As he was pulling up his underwear, he noticed a mark on his thigh. Someone had tattooed the words I Love You, upside down so that he could read it while looking down upon himself. The words were surrounded by a text bubble, the point of which led out from his crotch.

The speakers couldn’t handle the volume of the music that was blasting out of the car stereo. Everything was vibrating or shaking from the red dashboard to the dice hanging from the rear view mirror, the plush seats, her lover’s head and her chest giving everything an odd blurry look. And even though the music sounded like shit, she still loved how it felt on her body. Over the chaos, in the middle of an intersection, she could have sworn he said I Love You, but the van crashed into them seconds later, so she never found out for sure.

Even after years of hearing her friend’s family members express their love for each other, she still thought it sounded corny and meaningless. Then, one day as she was leaving her friend’s birthday party, her friend said I Love You. She has not looked at things in the same way since.

When he was 10 his mother helped him clean out his closet. Stuffed in a hole in an odd spot in the lining of one of his old school shirts he found a love note, which he promptly hid. He looked at it when his mother had gone out for the day. The note said I Love You. There was no signature or name, but the scrawl was familiar to him immediately. She’d moved away three years prior, but he had no idea where she had gone. Even 30 years later he still hopes to see her again.


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  1. I really enjoyed this! A cubist love story…

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