“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” John Donne (English poet, 1572-1631)

There is a trend these days that the nouveau dadaist has adopted. The
roll of the stationary peninsula’s of dadaland. The many who do not
travel for whatever reason; those few who may not even leave their houses.

Why do we suffer from an irresistable increase in gravity. Why does our urge to mingle with others like us manifest in equal intensity. This is because we are the newer-er-er generation of dada; the hovering dadaists. Taking up strategic points all around the world for absolutely no reason at all. We have made this decision to occupy the towers of londada so that, if we had ventured away, our pointlessness would not have been over-thrown by dictators of justifications.

So, we sit here,

generating dada to purify the airwaves of detrimental ka-ka…..

oh there’s my bucket.


One Response to “UN-fishness-ThOtt-er-mole”

  1. This sounds similar to the hoovering ‘Adads, refusing to acknowledge the importance of Dysen Suckliage

    Profound ramifications beyond the were halls of Westminster (stoat)

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