anyhow, anywhen and anywhere


“What we need to look at is not the message once grasped but the actual grasping of the message at the elementary level: at what happens when we read, when the eyes settle on the lines and travel along them, and all that goes with this perusal. Which is to bring reading back to what it pimarily is: a precise activity of the body, the bringing into play of certain muscles, different organizations of our posture, sequential decision, temporal choices, a whole set of strategies inserted into the continuum of social life which mean that we don’t read simply anyhow, anywhen and anywhere, even if we may read anything.” – Georges Perec, Reading: a Socio-physiological Outline


2 Responses to “anyhow, anywhen and anywhere”

  1. yes, like walking (not) anyhow anywhen anywhere, eating, etc.
    I walk because I make a decision to end up somewhere,
    but I’ll walk anyway….because I need to/have to and this puts me in touch with the whole set of strategies inserted into social life (quote). 🙂

  2. The good thing about walking is that it is deconstructive of ecriture…

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