things can only get (better)


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  1. Things can only get. Get things. Mix ’em up. Start crying.

  2. Erk! That reminds me of when Blair first came into power with “New” labour. No doubt about it – things have got worse.

  3. Yep, that was the reference. Better is very subjective… things have only got.

  4. OK, I asked my politico friend for some betters…

    since 1997 infant mortality rate has dropped from 5.82 to 5.08

    average life expectancy has risen from 77.07 to 78.54


  5. And here’s his full spiel…


    · Lowest unemployment rate since the 1970s
    · National Minimum Wage – £5.35 an hour since Oct 2006


    · Over 85,000 more nurses, over 32,000 more doctors
    · 662,000 more operations a year compared to 1997. Heart ops up 93%
    · Waiting list down by nearly 388,000 since March 1997.


    · Down 35% overall; burglary down 53%; car crime down 46%; and violent crime down 34% (BCS)


    · Doubled per pupil spending from £2,500 to well over £5,000
    · 36,400 more teachers and over 287,000 more support staff


    · More rail journeys than at any time since the 1940s
    · Bus use is increasing year on year for the first time in decades

    Under the Tories:
    · Unemployment doubled, national debt doubled
    · The number of children growing up in poverty trebled
    · 20% of pupils got no GCSEs
    · Teacher numbers fell by 50,000
    · Waiting lists rose by 400,000
    · 60,000 general and acute beds were lost
    · Crime doubled and convictions fell by a third
    · Violent crime went up by 170%, robbery went up by 400%
    · Police numbers fell every year from 1993


    · GDP growth in the UK has now been unbroken for 56 consecutive quarters – the longest period of sustained growth for 200 years
    · No quarters of negative GDP growth since 1997, uniquely among the G7
    · In the nine years since 1997 the UK economy has grown by more than 25%. By contrast in the nine years to 1997 the economy only grew by 15%.
    · If growth in the past nine years had been the same as the preceding nine, the average household would now be over £3,300 worse off.
    · In 1997 people living in France, Germany, Belgium and Japan were all wealthier than us. By 2002 we had overtaken them all.


    · The UK has the highest rate of employment among all the G7 countries (bar Canada)

    Inflation/Interest rates

    · UK inflation is amongst the lowest in the EU
    · Interest rates lowest since the 1960’s, saving mortgage holders an average of £4,000pa
    · Since 1997 interest rates have averaged 5%, around half the rate between 1979-97

    Under the Tories

    · Unemployment doubled – twice hitting 3 million
    · National debt doubled – borrowing over £50bn in a single year (93/94) and £28bn in last year (96/97). More was spent on debt than on schools

  6. Unfortunately (or not) I have no tory politico friends to provide a balanced view.

  7. Oh! well, I don’t like ’em 🙂

    ’nuff said!

  8. things can only get


  9. can only gone better get? :-\

  10. the gone get getter
    the get bet gotter
    the bet got getter
    the got goes better

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