may i have your attention please


the associate’s meeting is now beginning in conference room 4 OH 6 OH.

do we really have to make sense?
symbols and language are arbitrarily assigned by our egotistical selves. 
ego is why we are…but who cares
why does everyone like the killers so much?  talking heads have so much more life – “take a look at these hands! don’t have to mention what’s passed between them.”
fuck punctuation.?”,  i’m going to sleep in one of the empty offices soon.

Empty Office


4 Responses to “may i have your attention please”

  1. I just need to add a ‘pretty please’ to that rant there. Pardon me.

  2. I have that blue chair in my office.

  3. I like that one “I Predict a Riot” – I think that’s by the killers. 🙂

  4. Nope – Kaiser Chiefs. Good song though.

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