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4 Responses to “404: post not found”

  1. This comment has also been taken. Please respond in kind.

  2. Everything’s a blur. Nice n warm out tomorrow. Blurry flowers will be bloomin’.

  3. Hello

  4. brbrbbrbrbb arrrreee aaaaaaahhhhh
    death of language as pre-eminent
    kjhg i have no idea
    347568+454749 this is not motioned
    call this a fuckin poem
    fgjj you dont no N
    call me

    gesture she slink
    98 and I forgot wot poetry is
    doesn’t exit
    stop solipsistic slippage
    forget neo neol new words

    death of author death of text
    the west is sinkin
    shit man language isn’t
    owned any more
    it is shared

    I am a number 1
    stand alone I

    to share we must allow languages changes
    the death of text as pre-eminent,
    the abstract arts
    as being beyond politics

    To leave language as a thing in its self
    something to aid communication
    rather than to be communicated (deconstructionism)
    does not merit its extension into the smile of an S
    the fat brow of an M

    Words at play are merely images
    taken to mean this or that,
    their description.
    We must dismiss language as irrelevant,
    merely necessary.


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